Angel Sighting Story
"My twin sister and I live together and her dog Bandit became really sick all of a sudden. I have his sister dog, Scarlette For three months he stayed at the vet's office, mis-diagnosed. Finally, a specialist saw him on Valentines Day 2005.  He was only five years old, two nights before he passed on Valentine's day, during a mylogram test. 

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This month's real and true angel stories sent in to Angels & Ghosts by our readers!

Afterwards, an angel came to me in the middle of the night.  She was in the top corner of my room, forming in a white mist.  She had dark hair, and a white robe on.  I woke up and saw her coming towards me.  I was sleepless, due to Bandit being at the Emergency Vet over night.  She smiled very big and was radiating.  I then realized she was a young girl.  I spoke to her and as I did, she turned suddenly and disappeared through the wall beside my bed.  I wear contacts and did not have them on that night, and saw her image plain as day without them.

Thatís what amazed me. God let me see her clearly.  Bandit died and I realized she was showing me that she was going to get him to the light.  I am so thankful that I got to see that, because it devastated me and my twin sister.  He was like a child to her, and she miscarried her first child a month prior.  The angel sighting helped with the blow of his death."  - Cara

 An Angel Rescue Story
"In the summer of 1997, my family and I decided to take a road trip to Atlanta and eventually end up at Disney world.  So many things happened to keep us from leaving that night, like we planned my mother kept having strong feelings telling her not to leave, so we didn't that night.  Instead, we left later in the afternoon the next day.  While driving, we had a blowout on the right side of the car, which was my side, and it spun us out of control near a cliff.  We were all so scared, as my mother and I had no idea how to change a tire and my little brother was only six at the time.  The highway was completely clear of drivers-by, but some how I knew it would all be OK.  I looked up and noticed a cross, etched into the clouded sky and surrounded by sunlight.  Out of the blue, appeared a man in a rig who helped us with our tire.  He refused any type of payment from us.  You could just feel peace and love coming from this man, with the weirdest-colored blue eyes that I have ever seen.  We took pictures of him, but only the ones of him from the back came out.  To this day, my mother and I bring up that story.  We are convinced that we had angels watching over us."  - K. Schaffner, Detroit, MI 

Father Aids Daughter Angel Story
"My family decided that we were going to celebrate New Years at my uncle's house.  But, about a day before I felt kind of sick and the next day I told my husband to take me to the urgent care.  I was not feeling good.  So he took me and we were waiting for a really long time.

Eventually, a nurse came out, called my name, and the name of some other person and told us that the urgent care was full and that she was going to send us with a doctor on the second floor.  So, we went to see that other doctor.  When they called me in, he checked me and told me that I had the flu, so he gave me some medicine.  My husband told me to take it, but I didn't want to; but I eventually decided to take it.  When I took the second pill, I began feeling depressed and began crying crazily.  I didn't wanted to live any longer.  My husband was so scared.  He didn't know what to do, and I was feeling really bad.  In my mind, I was calling my dad.  I was telling him that I didn't wanted to live any more.  I was telling him that I wanted to be with him.  In that moment that I was thinking, my brother knocked at the door. To me, it was as if my father sent him to help me, because actually, he did.  He made me feel much better.  Maybe it was something normal...I don't know.  I am kind of confused by the whole incident." - Rosa Ortega

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