Bad Heart  Angel Story
"When I was a baby, my mom had heart failure.  My mom thought she would die, and so did everybody else.  One day, my mom was laying down on the couch when she heard somebody's voice.  She had an angel come to her and tell her she wouldn't die.  The next day my mom got better and better.  Now she is doing fine and she has a perfect heart and working for our family." - Brenda C.

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This month's real and true angel stories sent in to Angels & Ghosts by our readers!

Near Death Experience  Angel Story
"I am being guided to share my story for those who have difficulty believing. 

I have  always been open to the spirit realm, but my first real memorable encounter with angels was at the age of fifteen, when I was in a severe car accident and had a near death experience.  I recall seeing the paramedics working on my body.  I was in the light, surrounded by the light, and looking down at my body.  I recall turning towards the light and seeing an angel figure the shade of indigo, directly in front of me.  Floating behind this angel were two other angels that were emerald green and magenta or pink.  It was the indigo colored angel that spoke to me.  I wanted to go towards the light, but was told by the angel that it was not my time, and that I had to go back because my job was left unfinished.  As of now, I am working with the angels to heal.  I speak to them all the time.  I see their orbs and feel their presence.  I am a certified IET therapist and have assisted lost, deceased spirits in finding the light.  I believe this is what they meant when they said, 'Your job here is not finished.'" - Michelle G.

Kidney Failure  Angel Story
"When I was eighteen years old, I had kidney failure. My kidneys stopped working. I was really sick.  In the year 2000, I had a kidney transplant.  I was on ICU for several days, and they didn't let anybody stay with me over night. But the nurse told my brother-in-law that there was a man in my room all night, and that he wasn't supposed to do that...that it was not good for me. So the nurse asked everybody, and nobody was with me over night.  So my brother in law asked the nurse how the man was dressed, and she told him that he was wearing a suit.  My mom believes that the man was my dad.  He died when I was 4 years old."  - Rosa Narez .

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