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We wanted to award our fans with free stuff you can download, such as an
Angels & Ghosts
desktop background, theme music, and the Angels & Ghosts Haunted House paper model, with all artwork designed by Six Graphics! Here's how you get it:

Six Graphics has created some great art for our desktop wallpapers and haunted house.  You'll find all of the free stuff on our Free Downloads page:

Free Ghost Hunting Downloads

Angels & Ghosts Desktop Wallpapers - Backgrounds
Angels & Ghosts Music
Angels & Ghosts Haunted House Paper Model
haunted house
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The haunted house is about 6-1/4' x 3-1/2" x 7" and can be printed out in magnificent color or black and white, if you want to color it yourself!

Download our spooky paper model of a haunted  house that you can assemble.  It's great fun, and can easily be put together with scissors and tape.  Makes a great little project almost anyone can do and everyone will enjoy!

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