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Fotos of Ghosts - Ghost Fotos to Examine
Fotos of Ghosts: Ghosts in Fotos?
This month we take a look at eight ghost fotos -- some of them are new submissions from visitors while others are fotos of ghosts that have circulated around cyberspace. Are these fotos examples of real ghosts and haunting? We'll share our thoughts, but you must examine the evidence and decide for yourself. We might even give you some of the story behind them!
Soldier Ghost Photo Grannies Ghost Picture Andrews Ghost Picture Amityville Horror Ghost Picture
    Soldier Ghost Photo              Grannies Ghost Picture          Andrews Ghost Picture           Amityville Horror Ghost
Box Car Ghost Picture Heads Ghost Picture Lemp Mansion Ghost Picture Stair Mist Ghost Picture
      Box Car Ghost Pic                  Heads Ghost Picture             Lemp Mansion Ghost            Stair Mist Ghost Picture
Featured Ghost Picture: Lemp Mansion
One of the ghost fotos this month was recently snapped inside the Lemp Mansion. We thought we might give you some history to Lemp Mansion and its family.

John Adam Lemp came from Germany in 1838 and started a very successful brewery business after he found his lager beer sold pretty well at his grocery store. He eventually died a millionaire and his brewing company continued to grow under his son. St. Louis soon became known for its beer makers, and
the William J. Lemp Brewing Company was the biggest by 1870.
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Lemp Beer & Family Slowly Declines
The 1900s brought the deterioration of the Lemp brewing business until it folded during prohibition.  Beginning in 1901, many of the family members began suffering tragic deaths over the next 40-plus years. One passed mysteriously, and one was lost to sickness; and four of them died by suicide within the home itself.

Today, many believe the house to still be haunted by some of the Lemp family members who remained behind as ghosts.
Submit Ghost Pictures!
Monthly, Angels & Ghosts publishes fotos of ghosts sent to us by our visitors, as well as other fascinating ghost photographs that surface on the Internet whenever possible. All of the above thumbnail fotos of ghosts may be selected to learn more about them.
Do you have solid evidence of ghosts? Send your pictures of ghosts to us, and we might post them for others to see. Because pictures of ghosts are often debated, it is up to the viewer to decide if they are indeed real.
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