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Common mis-spellings for ghosts and angels: angl, gost, gohst, anegl, angal, pic, pikture. Other languages: gast, geister, geist, engel, revenant, ange, fantasma, angelo, grabado, aparicion.
Pictures: bild, bilder, accettazione, dipinto, figure, image, imagen, ingreso. Apy
Apparitions – the Holy Grail of ghost pictures; capturing a full-bodied spirit in a “see-through” human form. These are rare, and some ghost hunters maintain they are not possible to capture, but just a Hollywood movie version of what a ghost looks like. Indeed, it is possible to create false apparition ghost pictures by lengthening the time the shutter remains open or shooting into glass and creating a glass apparition false ghost photograph. Be sure and read Slow Shutter Speed Apparitions!
Ghost Pictures & Ghost Photos
Loaded with pictures of ghosts for your enjoyment, welcome to our library of real ghost pictures. Explore famous ghost photos and galleries of real and best ghost pics we've collected. If you are a ghost photo junkie, then you'll dig our ghost pictures archives, too!
Types of Ghost Pictures (Below)
Different types of ghost photographs by phenomena:
Apparition Ghost Pictures
Human forms that are see-through.
Apparition Ghost Photos More manifestations of people in spirit.
Shadow Ghost Pictures Black mists and human shaped ghosts.
Dark Shadows Pictures Shadows within images that are suspect.
Mist & Vapors Ghost Pictures Vaporous materializations...
Ectoplasm Ghost Pictures More mists & vapors in ghost pictures.
Vortex Ghost Pictures An opening in the veil between worlds?
Energy Ghost Pictures Light anomalies in ghost photos.
Orb Ghost Pictures Balls of lights that may be spirit energy.
Orb Photographs More light spheres in photographs.
Today, most ghost pictures are being recorded by digital camera, as it gives the picture taker instant results and can be uploaded to a computer for more detailed viewing of the ghost pictures taken. Some traditional ghost hunters still prefer the 35mm camera, as the digital versions seem to pick up more dust orbs than their forerunner. If you choose to use 35mm cameras, it may be nice to use two cameras for comparison: one with infrared, high speed film, and the other with ordinary ASA 400 high speed film (both in black & white). Paranormal phenomena that is invisible to the naked eye will appear on the infra red film only; and the image will not be on the regular ASA 400 film. Of course, infrared film is tricky to handle and store. This requires an experienced photographer and is the primary reason most ghost hunters will opt to use digital cameras over their 35mm predecessors.
2013 Best Ghost Pictures
Our growing collection of recently added ghost photos!
2012 Ghost Pics
Our greatest ghost pictures from 2012!
2011 Ghosts' Pictures
We amassed the top ghost photos of ghosts from '11.
Famous Ghost Pictures Gallery (Right)
Review famous individual ghost photographs that have become popular on the Internet and in publications. Famous photos of ghosts have been taken with both film and digital photography, spanning a wide era of about 100 years. View Famous Ghost Pictures.

Best Ghost Photos Collection (Below)
We've sorted through thousands of ghost pictures and selected some of the best of the bunch! View ghostly mists, shadows, light phenomenon and apparition photographs!
Ideas for Photographing Ghosts
Capturing ghosts in pics can be tricky and no method seems tried and true - yet. Ghosts have been photographed using all sorts of methods; however, most ghost pictures have been "happy accidents." What if we could increase the odds, though? There are two observances we have made over the years while reviewing personal accounts and examining thousands of images of possible ghosts.
Real Ghost Pictures by Topic (Below)
Various pages of ghost photos sorted by interesting subject matter, including our ghost study of the Moundsville Shadow Man, Arthur Conan Doyle Ghost Photographs, Animal Ghost Pictures and the Ghosts Pictures of Children.
Ghost Pictures Vault & Archives (Above)
Dig into the past and find pages and pages of submissions of ghost photos we have received from our viewers. See both the Ghost Pictures Vault and Ghost Pictures Archive.
Ghost Pictures in Espanol (Above)
Visit our hispanic pages of ghost pics, Imagenes Fantasmas and Fotos de Fantasmas!
Real Ghost Pictures (Above)
Check out our featured page of ghosts in photographs!
Real Ghost Pictures.
Fake & False Ghost Pictures (Above)
Learn about naturally occuring phenomena and scientific explanations as well as outright fakes! Learn lots about Fake Ghost Pictures.
Best Ghost Pictures
Select ghost photographs from 2008-09.
Real Ghost Photos
Unequaled ghost photos from 2009-10.
Best Ghost Pictures & Photos
Astonishing ghosts from 2004-2007.
Information About Ghost Photography & Ghost Pictures
Ghost photography is the capture of unexplainable anomalies by a camera to produce ghost pictures or video. Photographing ghosts can be difficult and sometimes, frustrating; especially when one is trying to capture a paranormal experience for the first time in picture.
The sheer volume of ghost pictures being photographed around the world may be the best evidence yet of ghosts. Ghost pictures are often verification of personal experiences with ghosts for many people. Yet, some ghost pictures are easily explained away through non-paranormal phenomena. On this page, we have provided some links to false ghost pictures as an example of what to look for. Also be sure and read: Ghost Pictures & Exif Data to understand how a digital camera may sometimes produce false results and how we can learn what is happening with our camera.
Let’s investigate what real ghost pictures are versus spirit pictures. Even though ghost photography is often referred to as “spirit photography” or “spiritography,” true ghost photography should not be readily confused with thought photography, psychic photography, or the spirit photographs of spiritualists from around 100 hundred years ago. Many were tricksters who would hold séances for money, and fake various spiritual experiences for their paying customers. Often times, they would create double-exposure photographs of ghosts posing with them, etc., to “prove” their own spiritual abilities. Investigators unmasked these so-called “spirit mediums,” revealing many of their "manifestations" and “spirit pictures” to be nothing more than parlor tricks and good sleight-of-hand.
A camera at any given time may photograph a ghost in picture. Ghosts have been captured on instant, Polaroid film, 35mm film, infrared film and by digital memory.
Increase the Range of the Camera When Taking Ghost Photos
If a ghost hunting camera can see more spectrums of light, the greater the chance there is of photographing a ghost moving in and out of different frequencies. A full spectrum camera will increase the odds.
Increase Exposure Time for Optimum Ghost Picture Taking
Why not mount the camera on a tripod and lengthen the exposure time the camera's eye can see? We've noticed that several ghost pictures of apparitions have been taken using a slow shutter speed.
Anomalies Found in Ghost Pictures: Definitions and Explanations
Orbs – (aka "ghost lights") round spheres of light in ghost pictures that can be caused by flash reflection off of reflective surfaces, dust, glass, insects, pollen, moisture, snow, rain, hair, and lens flare. Of course, many believe that some orbs are “spirit," maybe even the souls of people. They have also been captured in movement with a vapor trail; and have also been photographed with super-bright (often orange) energy – called “super-charged orbs.” Orbs caused by flash reflection will often have a “halo” or spokes radiating out from the center of it; which is usually just dust orbs. You can eliminate some, though. Read: Get Rid Of Dust Orbs in Ghost Pictures.
Ectoplasm – smoke-like, fog in ghost pictures that is not usually visible to the naked eye, but appears in the ghost picture. Many believe this to be “spirit” captured in picture. Of course, it is possible for cigarette smoke, fog or even breath from the photographer to create false ectoplasm pictures. So, one must be aware of this when taking ghost pictures - especially in cold weather.
Vortexes (vortices) – “funnel-shaped” energy in ghost pictures, usually encompassed or comprised of ectoplasm (mist). Some believe this to perhaps be a portal or opening between the spiritual and physical worlds. Others believe these to be nothing more than the camera strap having been accidentally photographed. Many times a camera strap gets into the photograph by accident and looks similar.
Dark Shadows - Black ectoplasm mist in ghost pictures also called, shadow people or shadow ghosts. Dark shadows have been witnessed moving and even dancing around rooms and could indicate the condition of the person's soul as darkness (lack of understanding - lost). We have found through Kathy Owen, that a finger accidentally placed across the flash unit will also create false shadow ghost pictures.
Super-Charged Energy - streaks of lightning-looking anomalies in ghost pictures. Some super-charged energy is mistakenly created by the digital camera flash settings; others by hair in front of the lens. View: False Supercharged Energy.
Anthropomorphizing - also known as "pareidolia or matrixing" is to give human attributes to inanimate things. This effect can also be caused by perspective distortion. Some images in ghost photos are ghostly, while others are not. View and read: Anthropomorphizing.

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