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These ghost hunt videos were found to be interesting by  Angels & Ghosts .

Each ghost video has its own page.  We chose to show videos about ghost hunts, because some wish to learn more about how to have their own ghost hunt.  Some of the following ghost hunt videos are instructional while others were recorded during an actual ghost hunt...

We are using Flash format for quicker bigger videos wherever possible.  Can't see the videos?  You may need Flash 9 or the latest FireFox browser.  It's free.

Ghost Hunt Videos
Hollywood Ghost Video
A search for paranormal in a famous graveyard...

Pulse TV Ghost Hunts
Union Inn Hunt Video
Interview of witnesses at a haunted location.

Shaugh Tunnel Hunt
A hunt for ghosts with a history of the area.

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Ghost  Hunt Videos
Psychokinesis Video  
In this ghost hunt video, learn about psychokinetic energy, the cause of some poltergeist activity.  Ghost video is from the Illinois Ghost Hunters...

IGH Ghost Hunt Videos
The Illinois Ghost Hunters further explain their methods of ghost hunt operandi!

IGH Ghost Hunt Video 1
IGH Ghost Hunt Video 2
IGH Ghost Hunt Video 3
More from the gang in Illinois.  Podcast tales...

IGH Ghost Hunt Video 4
IGH what-not-to-do during a ghost hunt...

IGH Ghost Hunt Video 5 
George explains handling the call for help in this ghost hunt video.

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