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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
dead guitarist ghost picture
Each ghost picture has
its own page &
story...many free great
ghost pics to see for your
ghost study this month!
Ghost Picture of
the Month for
September 2007
Sept '07 Ghost Photos

Daughter's Ghost Picture
Very nice ghost pic with
ecto and light around her.

Attic Ghost Picture
Ghost picture taken
upstairs.  Nice pic & story...

Dead Guitarist Ghost Pic   
Fantastic ghost photo of
a vaporous apparition!  

Cell Phone Ghost Picture
Ghost photo has an
unexplained face in it!

Ghost In Hall Picture
A ghost mist floats
in a hallway...

ITC Ghost Images
Are these pics from
spirits electronically?

Sept '07 Ghost Pictures

QM Posing Ghost Pic
Awesome ghost picture
taken on board a ship.

Angie's Ghost Picture>
Interesting ghost photo of
of a face between them.

Vicksburg Anomaly
A ghost picture, but
what the heck is it?

Pregnancy Ghost Photo
Ectoplasm trails of
of mist surround her.

Beach Walk Ghost Photo
Take a look & decide if this
is a ghost between them.

Blue Face & Boy Pics
Where did this face come
from?  A ghost boy?  Look...

Sept '07 Ghost Pics

Orb Pictures - Sep '07
This month's orb pictures of
interest are here!

Salem Orb Picture
Green ghost orb picture
taken in witch city!!

Dr. Ghost Picture
Ghost face captured
could be of a doctor...

Foggy Window Face
Ghost picture that
makes one wonder how...

Stump Mist Ghost Pic  
Can you find a face in
this mist?  Some can...

Pumpkin Ghost Pictures
Swirling ecto mist
captured above the people.

More Ghost Pictures...

Sutton Ghost Picture  
Nice ghost picture of
ecto with a face...

Corn Maze Ghost Pic  
She is pointing to what
may be spirit forming...  

Whaley House Photo
We had trouble with
enhancing this pic...

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