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These spirit & ghost
stories were received by

Angels & Ghosts
Enjoy ghost stories sent to us for this
month.  These are real ghost stories as
experienced and mailed to us by our
Ghost Story of the Month for
July 2007:   
Haunted House Ghost Story
Real Ghost Stories

Dog Senses Ghosts Story
Ghost story about an
animal detecting ghosts in
the house.

Lamp Ghost Story  
Who kept turning the light
on, off, up and down?

Crystal's Ghost Stories
Short ghost stories about
strange things in her 300
year old home.

Truck At Night Story
Ghost story about a ghostly
truck that appears.  Did
they see it?

El Dorado Hauntings
Ghost story from Paul Dale
Roberts and HPI...
Real Ghost Stories

Kimmy's Ghost Story
The summer of '99 became
a ghost story of strange
things and sounds...

Historic Apartment Story  
She was surprised to
experience a ghostly

Haunted House Ghost
Amazing experiences with
a young girl ghost named

Old Lady Ghost Story
Story about a ghost and
other happenings at their

Hauntings in Elk Grove
Ghost story about an
investigation in California by
HPI and PD Roberts.
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