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Our Ghost Story of the Month for July 2007!
By Maranda

We moved into this "haunted"  house when I was 11.  For the first several months,
everything seemed completely normal.
 The first strange thing to happen was
when I was up at 1
:00 am and in the kitchen to get something to drink.  I filled up a
glass of water, and when I turned to walk back to my room, an empty can of
Mountain Dew flew off of the counter and hit the wall.
 I was immobilized and
obviously too scared to move.
 About ten seconds later, my sister walked in and
asked why I was making so much noise.
 Of course, when I told her the can floated
on its own, she didn't believe me.
Things like that kept happening, and of course I
was only 11
, so no one believed me. Sucks being
so little, doesn't it?
 Sometimes, my alarm clock
would move and fall off of my desk on its own,
even though it was no where near the edge. If I left
empty soda cans in my room, they would without
doubt fly off of whatever they were sitting on.
one else in the house witnessed this, and they
pointed fingers at me and told me I was making it
up. Because of them, I felt like I was going insane.
One night as I was just laying down to get some sleep, I heard someone scream in
the family room. I bolted up and ran as fast as I could to the den and my mom was
staring at the wall, her hands over her mouth.
 "What happened?" I asked.  "The..
the... th- the candle.. it.. FLEW AT ME!"
 I could tell she was in shock.  The candle
that was once sitting on the coffee table was now broken and in pieces on the
 That's when I decided I wasn't insane, but we were being haunted.
Everyone in the house got used to things moving and
occasionally flying at us.
 As we were adjusting to it, it seemed
like it happened less often and less severely. Things would
move only a couple of inches, and we'd laugh and sometimes
even talk to our ghost.
 If we asked it to kindly stop, it would.  If
we asked for it to make its presence known, something would
randomly move.
 I constantly horrified my friends by doing this.  I
was not afraid whatsoever of this ghost and felt like I was its
friend in a way.
 I'd sometimes start up conversations with my
friends and if we started talking about the ghost, it suddenly felt
like someone had just sat down next to us.
 You could FEEL the
presence, as if a real person was there next to you.
 It wasn't a
scary feeling, it felt more peaceful than anything.
When I turned 13, I had a huge interest in the paranormal.  I wanted to know more
about the ghost.
 I always knew when it was there, I talked to it, I felt comfortable
with it...but every
time I asked it to communicate with me, nothing happened.  One
night, I was sitting against my bed, my knees up to my chest, drawing some
comics for a school project.
 It was midnight, I was tired, and ended up falling
asleep the way I was sitting with all my papers in my lap.
 In my "dream," I saw
myself sitting there, in the position I fell asleep in, but I was awake in this dream,
and someone was sitting next to me.
 She had auburn colored hair and looked
about my age, maybe older.
 We were casually talking about what I was drawing.
Then she said so clearly, "My name is Emma.
 I've lived here long before you did."

At that moment I woke up and I felt so weird. That little dream left a weird feeling on
me all day.
 I instantly somehow knew more about this girl than she told me in the
 She was 15, an only child, and a sweet girl.  That's when I realized that
Emma was the ghost.
 From then on, dreams like that happened more often.
They'd be so real, as if I was having an out of body experience with Emma.

I told my mom about these dreams, and at first she was skeptical.
 One night
before I went to sleep, I wrote on a piece of paper to Emma, "Please make
yourself known to everyone else, too."
 Three days later, my mom told me she had
a strange dream that someone kept talking to her when she was asleep.
then on, even my parents had weird ghostly dreams and heard a young teen girl
talking to them.
 I smiled to myself.  None of my friends believed me about Emma,
until they spent the night at my house. They'd see things move, they'd feel someone
touch them, and of course when I told Emma to make herself known, something
would fall off my desk.

When I turned 14, Emma seemed to have vanished. There was no paranormal
activity in the house.
 Everything was just too normal.  No moving objects, no weird
dreams, no voices, nothing.
 A year later, we moved out of that house to live closer
to my grandparents.
 The teenage girl that moved into that house with her dad and
brother told me that she constantly heard things in the closet and was wondering if
the house was haunted.
 I shrugged and told her to be on the look out of weird
 Haven't heard from her since, but I won't forget all the stuff that went on in
that house.

It doesn't stop there, though!
 We rented a house until we decided on where we
really wanted to move.
 One night, as I laid in bed on my side, I felt something
brush up against my waist.
 We had no pets and no one else was at home that
night except for my mom and I.
 I ignored the feeling and tried to drift off to sleep.
Then, in the middle of my dream, I woke up and felt someone squeezing me tightly
from behind. The second I moved, the feeling vanished.
 Every night, I felt someone
there, sitting on my bed or caressing my cheek.
 To be honest, it scared to me to
 That was something I couldn't really get used to.

Sometimes during the day, I'd feel someone brush up against me or poke me.
get so mad that I'd begin to yell into the air for the ghost to leave me alone.
 It would
for a few days, then go back to annoying me.
 This wasn't at all like Emma.  This
ghost was annoying and scary.

One day in the shower, I heard someone whisper.
 It didn't scare me, though.  What
made me almost pass out was when the shower curtain flew open
, but no one was
 That's when I officially declared the ghost a pervert, as well.

At last we moved out of that house.
 I wasn't the only one that had experienced that
ghost though.
 My sister said that she had dreamt of him, and he said his name

Now, in our current house, there's no ghosts.
 Everything is as normal as can be.  I
think I'm tired of all that paranormal mumbo-jumbo.
 It's been years since we lived
in the house with Emma, but I clearly remember being a little kid and sitting in my
room with my friends and we'd have so much fun talking with a ghost.
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