Whistling Wraith Ghost Story
Author, Paul Dale Roberts takes us on a few adventures this month with his ghost stories and accounts of true paranormal investigations.

During one of several ghost stories Paul shares, a man is heard whistling in a cemetery during their investigation using ghost hunting equipment.  Who is this whistling wraith?

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This month's real and true angel stories sent in to  Angels & Ghosts by our readers!

Theorosa's Bridge Ghost Story
Linda Ritter recounts a good ghost story experience, regarding an old legend at Theorosa's Bridge.  Did they encounter the ghost looking for her baby after all these years?  Read this ghost story and find out...

Ghostly Pioneer Lady Ghost Story
Constable Jacks is a very cool bar that Paul Dale Roberts writes about in this ghost story.  A nice run down of ghostly activity that has been experienced over the years at this haunted night club.  Did the ghost hunters gather evidence to prove the reported haunting?  Read on and find out...

Interview with a Witch: The Donna Reynolds Story
Paul Dale Roberts digs for the background information of a practicing witch.  Ever wonder what experiences she may have had earlier in life that led her down the path she is on?  Now's your chance to learn more...

Myrtles Plantation Ghost Stories
Yuna-Marie shares her collection of "other" ghost stories surrounding the legend of famously spooked Myrtles Plantation.  Have you heard these other ghost stories before?  Read more of the lore and history of the place.

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