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These real ghost videos were collected by Angels & Ghosts  and video recorded in Europe.

Each ghost video has its own page.  We chose to show videos from ghost investigations in Europe: England and Ireland.  Many ghost investigators in Europe will use psychics and mediums!
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Europe Ghost Videos

Haunted Mirror Video  

Haunted Realms shot this ghost video in an old pub in Essex, England.

Seance Ghost Video
Haunted Realms attempt to make contact with ghosts in this video yields some raps, orbs and and interference of audio. 

Mount School Ghosts
SNS Films' documentary of a ghost investigation of an old building in England using a psychic as lead.

Europe Ghost Videos 

With Ghosts Video 

Psychics, mediums and ghost investigators from Haunting Breaks in the UK work at using instruments to contact ghosts.

Divining Ghosts Video
Haunting Breaks uses a glass to get answers from ghosts in this video.

Chapel Ghost Video
Haunting Breaks uses their team and techniques to explore this UK site that's underground!

Europe Ghost Videos

Lisheen Ghost Video  

TAPS visited Europe and investigated the Lisheen Castle in Ireland. 

They captured some great ghost evidence in this ghost video.  Figures in the woods seen by infrared, EVP and a ghostly face appearing in thin air are truly amazing! 

Ireland sure seems to have some of its own things walking around outside and in its castles!

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