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Searching and documenting
ghosts and the paranormal,
we have received several
ghost videos.  Watch this
month's ghost videos sent to
Angels & Ghosts.

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for quicker bigger videos
wherever possible.

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Ghost Videos

Seance EVP Ghost Video
Ghost video taken in a
haunted pub may have a
ghost voice on it...

Woman Humming Video
Ghost video of what may be
a ghostly woman humming
during a ghost investigation.

Ghost Pictures Video
pictures compiled in
this video for comparison
Take a look...

Ashmore Ghost Video
Join an investigation of this
haunted place in Illinois...
Ghost Videos

Ghost Tapping Video  
Did a ghost reply back to
the investigators' questions?
Get your headphones...

England Haunted House?
Does this video show
ghostly activity in their old

Graphic Ghost Video
This ghost video has been
discussed all over the web
as to its authenticity.

Ghost Pics & Vids Video
More ghost pictures and
videos to watch in this urban
legends compilation
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