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Here's an interesting video.  The problem is that it looks like a set-up, whether it is or isn't.  
You have a shadow cast on the wall, which does not look like a typical shadow ghost, then
a door opening from the other side, which also could easily be faked.  If it's real, it is
cool...but how can you know for sure when it would be so easy to fake?  You decide...
tn paranormal ghost video
Story behind the video:
"The baby's crib is to the left of the door but isn't shown due to anonymity. The parents had it
edited out by zooming in on where the occurences are seen. The legs and part of the crib can
still be seen. This is the clip of the incredible footage of a ghost caught on tape by the parents
of a 7 month old baby who is still currently being awakened at random by a ghost and
annoyed. I recommend turning up the volume for this one and don't worry, even though the
footage itself is shocking, there isn't anything that will make you jump up. If you turn up the
volume you will hear the scary annoyances that poor baby had to go through. I heard a pig
and crying. Not only the baby crying...the crying of a woman. Incredibly spooky. There wasn't
anybody near that room for hours and the door opened and closed by itself.  Demonologist
'Lorraine Warren',famous for her haunting investigations and many books, insists the footage
is real and stated "no foul play" by the child's parents on CNN during the interview and stated
that the entity caught on tape was "no trickery due to mishaps or mere shadows". She also
mentioned that the entity cannot be passed off as a shadow due to the "contrast and severe
cold it emits" as she too and her investigators have been "thumped by it" on 4 different
occasions since taking the investigation. The mother told investigators that the baby stopped
crying momentarily because he thought it was herself that had come in to check if he was
alright.  The growl followed and then the sound of the mothers voice crying even though she
wasn't crying or near that room.  The investigation is still going on and the child is being
watched closely, both by the parents, Demonologist Lorraine Warren and unfortunately, by
the entity, as well. According to Lorraine Warren, this entity has the ability to copy the voices of
people, hence causing much confusion in the house between the parents. The father has
been heard using VILE language from inside the child's room and sometimes from under
the crib itself, even though he is always at work when it happens. The mother is often heard
crying in different rooms around the house by her husband when she isn't crying a tall and
she, on many occasions, even heard her own voice...crying from both the attic and her baby's
bedroom. Some of this crying is heard in the footage you will see along with the other
disturbances. By the way, i have also learned that the visuals were slowed down as the entity
moved across the room, by CNN during they're editing for the documentary so people could
clearly see the entity moving. The audio was untouched. Also, the camera was bumped
slightly during the actual recording in the house by an unknown presence at that time,
causing the camera to be slightly raised. Nobody was in the room at the time with the baby
so this is also being investigated. Much more occurrences have been recorded by Lorraine
Warren and her team of investigators, but hasn't been shown to the public yet due to the
parents wishes of anonymity.  I'm glad I don't live there! Keep in mind that some people on
the Internet are trying to recreate this footage and even make this genuine footage look faked
but this has been proven to be the most authentic footage ever caught on tape and was
broadcasted around the world by trusted sources.  This is an active case that is still going on
and is the real deal no matter what others say or do.  I doubted it at first, until I learned the
facts and actually watched it properly with the volume turned up."
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