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See ghosts caught on video...

Each of the ghosts caught on video are interesting to watch.  Some of them are orbs, EVP and apparitions.

We even added a ghost caught on video that you can create as a magic trick!  It was too cool to pass up...

We are using Flash format for quicker bigger videos wherever possible.  Can't see the videos?  You may need Flash 9 or the latest FireFox browser.  It's free.

Caught on Video
Ghost Video Collection
Great video showing ghosts caught on camera by examining photographs of ghostly heads, hands and other body parts.

Ghost Caught On Video
Look closely and quickly to observe a child ghost caught on video. Is it real?

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More Ghosts Video
Courthouse Ghost Video
Now a famous clip of a ghost caught on video in Lincoln County.

Dust Orbs Video
Good video showing orbs, not ghosts being caught when a blanket is tossed.

Ghost In A Jar Video
This is an amazing trick. Watch and learn how this ghost got caught in a jar! We couldn't resist posting this very cool how-to ghost video.
Ghost EVP Videos
Ghost Child EVP
Ghost caught on EVP yelling, "Mom, leave it!"

Trapped Spirit EVP?
Spirit voice ghost video. Is this a trapped spirit?

Ghostly Female Voice
Class A electronic voice phenomena recording.

Male Ghost Voice
Class A ghostly voice caught by digital audio recorder.

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