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With technology like Google Earth, we can visit streets around the world from the comfort of our home computers. This photo, found by Wayne Leighton, begs the question whether or not we can find ghosts in such pictures. Take a look at this photo of a woman peering into a jewelry store, and you'll notice you can see part of the shop's window signs through her:

"I was astounded when I came across this image while viewing Google Earth. You can view the original photo if you go to Google Earth, have 360 Cities enabled and search for Yass, Australia. Open the Yass Town Centre '360 View' and you will see I have not altered this image in any manner. It truly makes me wonder, brrrr!"


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We created a close-up so that you could see part of the storefront is visible in front of the lady in the picture. Is she a ghost?

We wonder if the camera had a lengthened exposure capturing both the store without the lady in front of it and with her in front of it - combining both into a neat double-exposure (suppose she walked away while the camera was still recording the image). What makes this intriguing is that neither are blurry in the photograph.

Does this photo reveal the ghost of a lady enamored with jewelry?

You decide...

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