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Photos of Ghosts!
Photos of Ghosts: Ghosts in Photos?
This month we take a look at several ghost photos -- some of them are new submissions from viewers while others are photos of ghosts that have become pop culture superstars! Are these photos examples of true ghosts and haunting? We'll share our thoughts, but you must examine the evidence and decide for yourself. We'll even give you as much of the story behind them as possible.
Baby Monitor Ghost Picture Toys R Us Ghost Picture Stanley Hotel Ghost Tour Picture Stanley Hotel Ghost Photo
Baby Monitor Ghost Photo?     Toys R Us Ghost Picture       Stanley Hotel Tour Ghost      Stanley Hotel Ghost Photo
Myrtles Plantation Apparition Google Earth Ghost Photo Car Face Ghost Picture Bachelor's Grove Ghost Photo
 Myrtles Plantation Ghost?         Google Earth Capture          Car Face Ghost Photo            Bachelor's Grove Ghost
Famous Ghost Photos & Famous Places
Two of this month's ghost photos are famous: the
Toys 'R' Us ghost picture and the Bachelor's Grove ghost photograph. They have undergone scrutiny by many but have managed to survive most criticism. How come? Both of these ghost photos were taken while others present could verify that no one else was there. Other cameras used at the same time of these well-documented investigations did not capture any images of people. These ghost photos have remained as classic examples of apparitions.
Help with Haunting: Helping Ghosts!
Famous Haunted Places & Ghosts
Three other photos featured this month were taken at
famous haunted places and recently sent into us by our viewers.

One of the photos was taken at the famously haunted,
Myrtles Plantation. The other two were snapped inside the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

Does visiting a famous haunted site increase the chances of photographing a ghost? Ghost photos and stories make us wonder...
Submit Ghost Pictures!
Each month Angels & Ghosts publishes photos of ghosts sent to us by our visitors, as well as other major ghost photographs that surface on the Internet when possible. All of the above photos of ghosts may be selected to learn more about them. It is our hope to educate the public that we are not alone, but that ghosts interact with us from a spirit world that is really a part of us -- connected.
Do you have solid evidence of ghosts? Send your pictures of ghosts to us, and we might post them for others to see. Because pictures of ghosts are often debated, it is up to the viewer to decide if they are indeed real.
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