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Famous Haunted Places
We explore different haunted places that are notable!

Places that are haunted can become the topic of legends, especially after multiple reports of ghost sightings and haunting experiences surface from multiple witnesses. Once the news spreads through various media, the lore is cemented and the place is found to be "famous." Some of the famous haunted places list, below, no longer exist. They have passed with the ages, but their legendary stories live-on.

(below) The now-haunted Crescent Hotel was the site of horror.
Famous Haunted Places
Read about various places that are famously haunted. Some even have infamous ghost pictures and more associated with them!

Baldoon Castle
Did love and an arranged marriage drive Janet insane? Does she haunt this place?

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
So many reports of different hauntings make this place famous in lore.

The Bell Witch
The old, famous haunted family and cave still frighten people today...

Borley Rectory
Famous ghost investigator Harry Price created this legend with some help.

Drury Lane Theatre
Ghosts interact with the actors at this London, England haunted place.

Ghosts of Haunted Charleston
We explore the city of Charleston, South Carolina and its famous ghosts.

Crescent Hotel
Famous haunted place in Eureka Springs has a horrible history.

Fyvie Castle
Famous haunted place in Scotland has a legend. Is it true? Read and decide...

Goldfield Hotel
Real gold created this hotel which has a famous haunted past.

Hampton Court Palace
Recent reports of hauntings rocked this famous place!

Hotel Del Coronado
California's famous haunted place of love & loss.

Gettysburg Haunted Places
The ghost-ridden sites to see when visiting this Civil War battle town.
Famous Haunted Places (cont.)
Mansfield Reformatory
This famous haunted prison has been in films such as Shawshank Redemption.

Moundsville Penitentiary
Famous haunted prison of small cells and many executions in West Virginia.

Myrtles Plantation
Famous haunted place of slavery and a mistress who some claim haunt it today.

Ohio University
We look at the haunted Ridges, especially the old tuberculosis ward that has now been razed.

Rose Hall
Read the horrible story of the white witch who haunts this Jamaican plantation.

Historic Haunted Savannah
This old belle of the South is a treasure of famous haunted places!

Spy House Museum
Three story, framed, New Jersey house has a ghost in every window!

SS Watertown
The story about a haunted ship and two dead crewmen who were buried at sea.
Learn about more Ghost Ships!

Stanley Hotel
Reportedly, the most famous haunted place in Colorado. Stephen King stayed there.

Tower Of London
Haunted history of famous people walking the grounds...some after being beheaded!

Villisca Ax Murder House
Haunted by the ghosts of the family?

Whaley House
What haunts one of San Diego's famous haunted places?

Winchester Mystery House
She built the residence for spirits to live in this famous place.
(right) Borley Rectory when it still existed in the late 1800s...

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