Warehouse on the Canal - Is it Haunted?

The "Warehouse on the Canal" (Ohio Erie Canal) building built in 1906 is listed as a haunted place on websites and books. It is located in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Warehouse on the Canal: Is It Haunted?Owners Ken and Margarita have personally experienced the ghosts haunting this old building. They have heard footsteps, doors closing and the elevator running at night. Lights would go off and on and Ken's tools would end up missing. Margarita has felt someone breathing on her neck and has had someone grab her shoulder while walking up the stairs. Both events scared her pretty good. Margarita chose to get sassy with the spirits by telling them to help her get to work cleaning if they were going to be there anyway. She felt a hand slap her hard on the cheek. So, she decided to make a deal with the spirits: she would not make fun of them if they didn't touch her anymore! Once Ken and Margarita realized the spirits were not bad, they decided to see if people would be interested in a visiting a ghost dinner at the paranormal place.

Other Warehouse On The Canal ghost stories concern apparitions of two women in turn of the century clothing as well as a tall man in a tan coat and hat having been seen various people. Psychics have also had impressions of a young girl; a prankster boy; and tragedy - all haunting this turn-of-the-century building.

Photographs with strange and unexplained orbs and ectoplasm; eerie cold spots, creepy sensations, unexplained footsteps, noises and smells (such as cigar smoke), objects being moved around, etc. are mysteries surrounding the Warehouse On The Canal.

A combined "Ghost Dinner and Ghost Hunt Tour" was offered monthly coinciding with the full or new moon cycle. Dinner was held at the "Let’s Mango Tea Garden Restaurant" where you receive a very hands on approach by ghost investigator Sherri Brake-Recco, who mixes modern technology with the ancient art of dowsing in search of ghosts and spirits. She educates as well as presents the history of the building and local canal town area. The tour begins in the basement which used to be a mortuary between 1916-1936. The third floor still looks similar to the way it did in 1906. There are four floors of intrigue and a very interesting local pioneer cemetery located nearby to investigate on the ghost tour.

Update: This site has become very commercial, and there had been reports of haunting being faked - beware. Ghost investigator Sherri quit coming to this site after the purported fraud taking place (not by her). The building was rumored to have sold, but we are not sure. As of this update, ghost tours had been discontinued, then, brought back with ghost hunters, psychics, etc. promoted as part of the experience.