Villisca Ax Murder House: Child Voices

Are EVP of Child Voices Telling Us the Children Are Still in the Villisca House?
Villisca Ax Murder House - Child VoicesIn June 1912, a small Midwest town, Villisca, Iowa, was rocked by the murder of two adults and six children. The victims' lives were taken while in bed at the home of businessman, Josiah Moore and his wife, Sarah. Both Josiah and Sarah, as well as their four children (and their two friends who spent the night with them), were brutally hacked to death with an ax in the middle of the night. And to this day, no one knows who took their lives.

The Villisca Ax Murder House, as it is known today, offers tours and overnight investigations of the premises. People still report hearing children's voices, odd sounds and moving objects (e.g. ladders, lamps, etc.) when investigating this tragic site. If the Villisca Ax Murder House is haunted, then who still resides there? The parents? The children? Others?

EVPs of the Ghost Children
Pat Bussen of Waukesha, Wisconsin believes it to still be haunted and that child voices show that the children are still there. If true, then they must be trapped in time and lost:

"I am a frequent visitor to the Villisca Axe Murder House, located in Villisca, Iowa, and have recorded and enclosed four EVPs for you to listen to. Personally, I believe the one entitled, Villisca EVP, is residual (energy), but I believe the other three are 'live' EVPs, due in part that they simply sound like they are 'there.'" (Each link will download a ghost voice EVP in a new browser window.)

  • In the EVP entitled, Child's Voice, it sounds like a little boy saying, 'Come back.' The rest (of the EVP) is definitely there but indecipherable. (Use headphones to listen to the EVP.)
  • In the EVP entitled, Come In or Man, it sounds like a little boy is saying, 'Man,' with the western twang accent common to that part of Iowa. Amazing!
  • In the EVP entitled, Ignore Me, it sounds like an older boy with a raspy voice. (Warning: There is an expletive at the beginning of this EVP.)
  • In the EVP entitled, Villisca EVP, it breaks down as follows: You will hear what sounds like a small child crying out, followed by a few various odd noises; and at :59 seconds you will hear a woman take a gasp of breath and then say, 'No.' Then a cry of a child can be heard along with my overnight group entering the house. I sent this EVP to a self-proclaimed psychic/tour guide of the house, and she firmly stated that is the voice of Sarah Moore, the mother of the four Moore children who were all slain in the house on June 9th, 1912. Keep in mind, there was no one in the house during the time this EVP was captured (except at the end when we all re-entered the house).

I have also had the spirits in the house turn my flashlight on and off on demand during a few overnight visits to the house. This type of activity has occurred in the murder rooms of the house, the upstairs kids' bedroom where the four Moore kids were murdered, and the downstairs bedroom, where overnight child guests, Lena and Ina Stillinger were murdered. Totally amazing.

After many overnight visits to this house, I am going to cover myself by saying I could be wrong; but I believe the spirits of all six kids who were slain in that house on that terrible night are still there - but why? I guess that's the burning question. Next time I visit, I would like to try and cross them over if they are still there. I have no prior experience with spirit rescue, but they (the disembodied spirits at the house) are getting to know me, now. So, maybe they will listen to me if I try to convince them to cross over (to the light)..."

Helping the Villisca House Children?
The reason people can remain behind, ultimately, can be traced back to fear - children are no exception. It is possible that these children are still traumatized by the past (fear) and unable to move forward with loved ones. It is also possible that the person who committed the murders is also there (and that could be another source of fear, holding the children, or even adults, earthbound); or the mother, if in fear, could be keeping her children hidden or protected. Ghosts of people who are controlling, or ill-willed, do exist; and they will dominate people in the physical and spirit realms if permitted to do so. If there is another ghost at that location who is dominant and negative in behavior, it is likely that such a ghost will need to be addressed (helped to cross over) first before the children will be able to move forward, leaving their place of trauma behind. This type of work should be approached by a group without any fear, remaining unwilling to be moved by frightening situations. Know that loved ones in spirit are also trying to reach the children (and any and all ghosts), but sometimes, they need our help to bridge the gap. Spirits who are enlightened are often ignored or feared by ghosts. Also note that the most powerful way to help them find peace is through love - especially helping them to find the love of those who are already with them and want to reach them (think family members who have passed on that they haven't seen in years. If these children cross and move on, those who helped them will feel an incredible cleansing experience...very much tangible. We hope to hear a positive report back in 2012.

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(A big thanks to Pat Bussen for allowing us to post his EVPs on this page!)