Haunted Places to Visit

Going on vacation this year? Why not drop in on some haunted places nearby? The following haunted places are some easy ideas for getting your spook on!

The White Eagle Bar (Portland, Oregon)
The city of Portland is known as a spooky place built over top of miles of tunnels complete with stories of ghosts from the past that are said to haunt such places. The White Eagle bar is known to have a rough past of fighting, prostitution and drug use. Do the ghosts from this bar's history haunt current patrons, looking to still experience their vices? Drop in and have a drink in this choice of haunted places and find out. At least you'll enjoy some of the spirits at this landmark tavern!

Bobby Mackey's Music World (Wilder, Kentucky)
This night club and tavern's building was formerly a slaughter house and ritual site for satanists. Known for dark activity, this could be the most sinister of the haunted places on our list. Still, Mackey's is just a fun place to check out. Warning to the wary: Don't be scared.

Haunted Hollywood Tower ApartmentsHollywood Tower Apartments (Los Angeles, California)
Notoriously known to be haunted, this building used to be the home of many of Hollywood's earliest of stars. Apparitions have been seen inside this jewel of Los Angeles landmarks. Stop in and walk the halls...especially the second floor. It's rumored to have a boot-wearing apparition that interacts with people.

Coming to pay a visit? You just never know who you might see when at the Hollywood Tower. It's possible to just bump into a celebrity from bygone years. After all, Hollywood is known as the place to see some stars, dead or alive!

The Biltmore Hotel (Miami, Florida)
This haunted place has a history of murder and was converted into a hospital, medical school and morgue for two decades! People report seeing the ghosts of former soldiers in the reopened hotel. Definitely an eerie destination!

Parker House Hotel (Boston, Massachusetts)
An old hotel makes a great site to visit while looking for haunted places. Charles Dickens was known to be a regular guest at the Parker, and the hotel is now known to be home to several ghosts which include its founder, Harvey Parker. Don't forget about the ghostly specter who resides on the 10th floor or the shadow man in stovepipe hat who has also been spotted. We're sure they might be looking for a place to bunk for the night!

Harvard Exit Theater (Seattle, Washington)
Haunted by six spirits or more, this little haunted venue might give you quite an experience for your money. Ghosts are known to move furniture and visit staff regularly. Known as a great place to see a movie and maybe a ghost?

Algonquin Hotel (New York City, New York)
Formerly a writer's haven from the times of the speakeasy, this haunted place is known to house ghosts that still stop by the bar. Members of literary group used to meet there and gossip. Why not join them for some enlightening conversation? Word is that some of them still get together. By the way, be sure to be on the look-out for the bellman apparition by the elevators. He's given some quite a spook!

Haunted Congress Plaza HotelCongress Plaza Hotel (Chicago, Illinois)
This 850 room haunted place is rumored to have paranormal activity. Having been built in 1893, the hotel was formerly used by mobster Al Capone to run his businesses. This haunted place is known for ghostly noises and spectres capable of moving doors, curtains and people's belongings.

Why not stop in while in the windy city, paying this haunted, spooky place a visit?

The Majestic (Detroit, Michigan)
Listen for the sounds of oohs and ahs coming from an unseen crowd sitting in the mezzanine balcony. Look for apparitions that roam this haunted place of entertainment, complete with bar, restaurant, theater, billiards, bowling and more!

Haunted Saint Louis CemeterySaint Louis Cemetery (New Orleans, Louisiana)
It's called "St. Louis #1" and features above ground monuments very near the French Quarter. A stroll through this infamously haunted place is a perfect way to set the mood while in town. You'll be creeped-out, walking amidst the former living entombed at street level; and, that's before one considers the possibility of ghosts and haunting. This haunted place even houses a shrine to famous voodoo practioner, Marie Laveau.

Hopewell Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Charlotte, North Carolina)
This 18th century haunted place is said to still be visited by General William Lee Davidson, hero of the Revolutionary War. Lore of him riding his horse at night through the graveyard, saber raised, on the first of each February would be a spectacular sight, if true. So, why not take a chance to visit the country church at night. Take a lamp and, uh, wait if you dare. You might want to get there early. We heard people are just dying to get in!

Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
You can visit this haunted place for free and check out the exhibits. But not all things at this art museum are to be admired, perhaps. Gallery 361 is said to be home to a portrait of a ghost named "Mrs. T" who has been seen by security. Is she attached to her picture, wanting to interact with those around it? Be brave. Check it out, but know this: Paranormal phenomena is rampant in this haunted place, such as disembodied footsteps, flickering lights, cold areas, slamming doors and moving shadows!

Cheesman Park (Denver, Colorado)
A huge, former burial place for the people of this area later became a park. Some of those interred were relocated. Others were not. Need we say more? This has got to be one of the top haunted places in Denver. It is said that the remains of the poor and criminals still remain earthed on the grounds. Anybody for a picnic at night?

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