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These reincarnation and ghost videos were found to be interesting by Angels & Ghosts .

Each ghost video has its own page.  We chose to show videos of reincarnation as well, because the evidence is quite fascinating.  Do we live on after the grave?  And if so, can we come back to this world as other people?  You decide...

We are using Flash format for quicker bigger videos wherever possible.  Can't see the videos?  You may need Flash 9 or the latest FireFox browser.  It's free.

Reincarnation Videos
Reincarnation Video
In this video, the story of James who remembers his former existence.

Past Life Video
The interview continues with James' parents...

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 A+ Ghost  Videos
Security Camera Video
Watch the second girl closely.  She disappears right into a wall!  You'll watch this ghost video a couple times...

Granny Ghost Video
Incredibly freaky video is a very well done ghost video that circulated in Japan.  Examine this ghost video a couple times!
More Ghost  Videos
Restaurant Ghost Video
First anomaly looks like a bug to us, but the second...well you decide.

Spirit Ghost Video
Is this spirit forming and coming out of the wall in this ghost video?

Tavern Ghost Video
A ghostly anomaly seemingly comes out of a picture and moves across the room in this video.

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