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Tracey Donnelly of Australia recently sent us some Quarantine Station ghost pictures and her collection of EVP recordings (See Tracey's EVP 1 and Tracey's EVP 2).

EVP - Quarantine Station Hospital Room Child Giggling

This is at Quarantine station again, but in the hospital rooms. I have witnessed doors slamming in here with no wind and photographed once what I believed to be a little boy looking out the window at me as I left. He is so cute. I think he is the door slammer. This EVP was captured when there was just five adults there -  locked in the room with no lights on. One of the other girls is clairsentient and she said she was feeling happy, as you will hear. Then I get the child giggling at the end which correlates with what she says.  She said she felt like playing around.  I think that is what the child was doing.

EVP - Follow Me, I Need To Tell You Something

This was at Quarantine station one time and it is a spirit not known to me. This night I was walking around and could feel John holding my hand as I walked from one spot to another. I told someone and they put their EMF meter near me which went off. We stopped down near the shower block (which has a story attached to it, that there is a bad spirit that is around there.  Mediums say that he raped a young girl in the shower block). One time I was shooting the lens toward the rafter and I was looking ahead in the rafter.  My sister was behind me, and just as I clicked she got excited and said she saw this swirl of color like a tornado in my LCD viewer.  I then looked at the shot I got and nothing was in it.  She said it was there, because she saw it.  Later that photo did not download.  It was gone from my camera and I have no idea why.  I think my sister actually saw the swirling electrical energy of this spirit. 

Anyway, in this EVP I was outside the block and was telling another to feel my hand where (the spirit) John had been holding it, as it was icy cold.  She noticed the difference in temperature, and at the same time I got this EVP. Now the EVP isn’t John.  The spirit is asking me to follow him, as he needs to tell me something.  John told him to go away, as I was with him.  John said the spirit wanted to make love.  I think this is the spirit of the man who raped the girl in the shower block.  I have a feeling that this is how he may have lured the girl away.