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Various videos of ghosts and ghost topics found to be interesting to   Angels & Ghosts .

Each ghost video has its own page.  We chose to show videos about various ghost topics on this page, from the interesting to the real. 

Be sure and watch the movie trailers for "Ghost Town!"

We are using Flash format for quicker bigger videos wherever possible.  Can't see the videos?  You may need Flash 9 or the latest FireFox browser.  It's free.

Real Ghost Videos
Asheville Ghost Video
School security cam catches a shadow!!

Columbia Ghost Video

Many witnesses to a girl apparition in this video.

Whitehouse Ghost Vid
WP captured a moving shadow in this video.

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More Ghost Videos
Moving Doll Ghost Video
Gabby from Eastern Paranormal captured a wonderful haunted doll moving its arm.  Watch closely!

Most Haunted Ghosts
Most Haunted Live Video
Light anomalies captured in this ghost video by the British paranormal TV show investigative group.  We thought this ghost video was worth another look!
Ghost Video Trailers
Ghost Town Video
New movie about ghosts looks to be pretty funny!  We love how they show a world of spirits around the living.  Can we help them?  You betcha'!

Ghost Town Scene   Enjoy a short scene from the new flick Ghost Town.

What Are Ghosts?
New documentary trailer takes to the streets.

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