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The following videos are about ghosts... 

These videos are about different topics concerning ghosts, but especially concern various methods of ITC .

The letters "ITC" stand for Instrumental Transcommunication.  ITC are various methods to try and record audio and video of ghosts.  Some methods are unconventional, such as the Spiricom or Ghost Box .

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Videos About Ghosts
ITC Experiments Video
Let's first learn a bit about ITC and communication with ghosts in this video. ITC uses electronic devices in order to communicate with ghosts and spirits.

Water Method ITC Video
Learn how images of ghosts can be captured through Margaret Downey's water method of ITC.

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Videos About Ghosts
Ghosts In Water?
Now, see ghost pictures recorded from video using Margaret Downey's Water Method of ITC. What do you see? Do these examples reveal ghosts?

Water ITC Ghost?
Another video about ghosts, or in this case a ghost, possibly recorded in moving water - a form of ITC.

Angels & Ghosts promotes spirituality, through exploring ghosts & spirits, but we also wish to educate.  As always with any evidence, you the viewer, decide for yourself...

Videos About Ghosts
Spiricom Ghost Video
Steve experiments with tones and waves to record ghost voices.

Victorian Spirit Pics
Why not take a break and enjoy a video or two of ghost photographs? Video about ghosts supposedly captured in the mid to latter 1800's.

Victorian Mediumship
More 1800's ghost, seance and mediumship photos in video. It was a strange world, back then.

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