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These spiritual & angel
pictures were received by

Angels & Ghosts
Angel pictures are inspirational.  Each of
the angel pictures has its own page &
angel story about it!   Check 'em all out!
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Angel Picture
of the Month
for April 2006
Angel Pictures  

Dad's Angel Picture
Inspirational angel pic and
the story is awesome and

Spiritual Awakening
Inspirational angel story
and stunning angel picture
to see.

Angel on Shoulder Pic
Laurie sent us this angel or two angels
in the picture?

Middle Angel Picture
Is this an angel over the
cross?  What about the

Guardian Angel Picture
Is this a guardian angel in
Dorothy's home?

Katrina Angel Picture
Shirley believes angels
helped them...
Angel Pictures

Cloud Angel Pictures
Bruno collects cloud angel

Flood Angel Photo
Is this an angel or did
something else cause

Evan's Guardian Angel
Picture of little boy with
angel behind him at

Snow Angel Picture
Nice angel picture taken
during some snowfall...
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