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Bonnie sent us this angel picture from a newspaper article and photograph about a flood...we're not sure what caused
the angel image...

"This photo was in our local newspaper taken during the flood of 1936 in Bloomsburg, PA.  Look to the left of the photo.
Could this be an angel?"
angel flood
flood angel
UPDATE:  We recently received an e-mail with this find from Justin Eubank:

"I don't know if the light on the left is a ghost, I was amazed at the picture on the
right hand corner of the woman and a young boy.  Is this part of the original photo."
Left:  The
woman and
young boy .
"In answer to the question, yes, the images on the right of the photo are from the
original photo. I did notice something there, but couldn't make out what it was.
Thanks for pointing it out."   
- Bonnie
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