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Shirley Thompson sent us this angel picture.  Nice ectoplasm to the left, also...

"It was a full moon night in January 2006.   I was taking a picture of the full moon shining through our old oak tree.  
The sky looked strange that daughter had turned around and come back to our house after her visit to
call it to our attention.  I got the camera and this is what came out when I unloaded my digital camera into my
computer.  I had focused on the moon, but when I took the camera down I saw what I believed to be an angel.  I see
her so plainly when zooming in on the computer.....Do you....We had gone through Katrina and things were getting
better.  It is my  belief that God sent an Angel to check us out.  All through the clean up, I had referred to the
strangers who knocked at my door and helped me with the massive amount of downed trees as 'MY ANGELS;' and
to me this is just one more making sure we are OK."
katrina angel
hurricane katrina angel
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