Mysterious Man Angel Story
A young man is rescued from a beating by a man in a pickup truck.  The questions regarding this event are, who was he, why did they flee from him, and how did he know the young man's name?  Nice angel story by J. Frisch re-tells the event from hindsight, making us wonder about the interaction between the unseen spirit realm and our physical world...

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This month's real and true angel stories sent in to  Angels & Ghosts by our readers!

Pipe Smoke Angel Story
Leona Stevens takes us back to the time of a horrible crime in her neighborhood and reveals an experience where she was looked out for while walking home.  Was this an angel who shielded her from possibly the same attacker?  Read this angel story and compare it to experiences maybe you have had in your life.

Angelic Healing Angel Story
Anne-Marie Lutchmaya reveals her source of healing and help - her guardian angel.  Anne-Marie makes a plea for us to come to know our own angels that are with us, and speak with them for guidance and assistance.

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