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Welcome to ghost fotos
submitted to
Angels &

Some ghost fotos are famous,
while others are simply unique!
Our real ghost fotos are gathered
from around the globe in an
attempt to understand ghosts and
the paranormal anomalies they
produce in fotos.  
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Ghost Fotos

Burning Building Girl
Real ghost picture of young
girl ghost inside a burning

Little Girl Ghost Foto
Little girl in foto is behind a
stone in a grave yard.  
Spooky foto.

EctoPlasm Ghost Foto
Little River ecto foto
captured by accident - is it

Moving Orb Ghost Foto
Orb moving across the floor
by a baby.  Is it a guardian
Ghost fotos are part of
Angels & Ghosts' huge
collection of ghost photos
and pictures that are free for
all to view. These real ghost
fotos are sent in, or are
public domain or property of
the Angels & Ghosts website.

Although some of the ghost
fotos may appear disturbing,
most are light-hearted ,
representing the people they
once were. No doubt ghosts
probably pose for
photographers to prove that
life does indeed continue
after death of the physical

Whether you are looking for
horrifying ghost fotos view
for fun or research, here
you'll find lots of real ghost
pictures and angel pictures
to choose from.

Think you photographed a
ghost or angel? E-mail it to

and if we like it, we will put it
on the website, Angels &
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