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Ghost Pictures
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Ghost Pictures                                           [Q4 '09 P2 Submissions from our Viewers]

Ghost In The Corner Picture
A cell phone camera captures not only a strange shadow in the room, but what
appears to be a face and full spirit-body...

Red Figures Ghost Picture
Two strange anomalies captured in an area known for the sighting of entities.  
Are these ghosts?

Souris Valley Ghost Picture
A mental hospital that no longer exists seems to have revealed a flying spectre
zooming down its long, empty corridor...

Watching Ghost Picture
The building is being renovated and no one was inside of it.  But, was there?  
Ghost photograph seems to show a person looking out one of the windows!

Hotel Ghost Picture
Was he alone in the room?  Is this a ghost?  Is it flesh and blood or shadow and
shade?  Take a look and decide...

Beach Ghost Picture
A panoramic photo shoot of the oceanside captured plenty of people.  One of
them was see-through.  What caused it?

Ghost Of Saint Leo Picture
This university seemed to have a spirited visitor attending to them as they
visited.  Not likely a ghost, but perhaps a family member?

The Hunter Ghost Picture
Dark image of tree trunks has something that doesn't belong nestled between
them.  Is this an upper torso of a man holding a rifle or something else?

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