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Ghost Pictures                                              [Q4 '09 Submissions from our Viewers]

St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost Picture
Amazing photograph of a young girl on the observation deck of the haunted light
in Florida.  Is she one of the former keeper's daughters?

Nursery Ghost Picture
Weird, shadow image of a ghost torso moving through the baby's room?  Take a
look and decide for yourself!

Saint Ghost Picture
This is a wonderful ghost picture of what looks like a floating man with beard.  it
was faint, but we brought it out through enhancement...

Ghost Ship Picture
This is simply the only ghost picture we have seen of a ghost ship.  It appears as
an apparition floating on the water in the distance.

Ghost In The Bedroom Picture
Family has no idea who or what this is.  Their eleven year old daughter took the
ghost picture in her bedroom and the parents cannot reproduce it!

Church Ghost Picture
Jane loves photographing cemeteries and church yards.  This is a nice
apparition she found outside the church yard.

Grandmother Ghost Picture
A new baby and the family is marvelled.  Did grandmother also pay a visit to the
newborn family member?  You decide...

Dancing Apparition Ghost Picture
The family is stumped about just who crashed their wedding and decided to
dance with guests.  Is it a ghost or camera malfunction?

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St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost Picture - Girl
Nursery Ghost Picture
Saint Ghost Picture
Ghost Ship Picture
Ghost in the Bedroom - Girl!
Church Ghost Picture
Grandmother Ghost Picture
Dancing Apparition Ghost Picture
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