St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost Picture

Feagan Helms snapped a close-up photograph of the haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse and did not see anyone at the top after taking the picture. A lightkeeper's daughters tragically died here. Could this be one of them? Read more at: St. Augustine Lighthouse and Haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse.

"I am a cell phone tower technician, and we were working on a 300 ft self-support tower close to St. Augustine on Wednesday August 26th at about 2:00 pm. My co-worker, Johnny Jones, took a pic of me at about 250ft with the lighthouse in the background. Right after that pic was taken, I took a picture of the lighthouse and zoomed in. Later that night we were going over the days pics and there it was. We got chill bumps, because I had a pretty good view of the lighthouse and I didn't see anyone at the top section; neither did JJ."