Ghost Snapshots: Carnival Ghost

Andrew Ogburn sent us this fantastic ghost picture taken on-board a Carnival cruise ship. We have studied the full snapshot trying to figure out if this "suit" was a shadow cast from a suitcase or something else, but with no explanation. It looks like a suit with buttons and foldover lapel like a ship employee might have worn.

"While getting ready for a dinner party on the Carnival cruise ship, I heard someone sit on my bed. I turned and no one was there. I decided to jokingly take a pic before I left the room, and this is what developed!"

We received this note about the Carnival ghost pic from Suzanne who has a keen eye:

"If you look to the left of the picture, you will see a lamp that is exactly the same shape as the shadow. Just a lighting trick."

We missed this light reflection off of the glass and onto the curtains when we examined the photo many, many years ago. Way to call us out so we could make this notation - thanks, Suzanne!