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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
silver queen hotel ghost picture
Each ghost picture has
its own page &
story...many free great
ghost pics to see for your
ghost study this month!
Ghost Picture of
the Month for
August 2007
Aug '07 Ghost Photos

Husband's Father Ghost?
This is a nice ecto pic with
baby looking at the ghost.

Boy on Trail Ghost Photo
Ghost picture taken in
Australia.  Take a peek...

Chimney Ghost Picture   
Pretty cool ghost photo of
orb and ecto vapors.  

Quarantine Station Photo
Ghost photo has an
awesome swirl of energy.

Attic Ghost Lady Photo
A ghost in this picture or
just an elderly lady?

Pool Building Ghost Pic
It almost looks like an
angelic being of some sort.

Silver Queen Hotel Ghost
Apparition of a lady in
period dress...

Floating Faces Ghost Pic
Mist cloud above a dog just
may have heads in it!
Aug '07 Ghost Pictures

Darla's Ghost Pictures
Nice ectoplasm ghost
pictures.  House is cleaned.

Yorktown Ghost Picture
Interesting ghost photo of
ectoplasm and a man.

Apparition Ghost Picture
Nice ghost picture, but is it
the real deal?

Birthday Party Ghost Pic
Apparently, someone else
was at the celebration!

Indian Spirits Picture?
Take a look & decide if this
is a ghost or hair...

Face in Stream Ghost Pic
Where did this guy come
from?  A ghost?  Look...

Birdcage Ghost Photo
Spiritual presence over a
bird looks like a head.
Aug '07 Ghost Pics

Orb Pictures - Aug '07
This month's orb pictures of
interest are here!

Orb Photo
Good orb picture showing it
move behind her.

Northern Indiana Picture
Ghost mist floats above
those in the picture...

Alamo Ghost Picture
Is this a boy and a donkey
in front of the famous site?

Vault Ghost Picture  
Take a look inside of a
crypt!  Is it a ghost?

Mississippi Ghost Photos
Mists and orbs ahoy in
these photos...

Mysterious Woman Pic
id grandma show up with
the family on Christmas?

Gettysburg Ghost Pics
Good ghost photos from
the haunted battlefield area.
More Ghost Pictures...

Baby's Ghost Picture  
Is this a ghost picture of
sweet little Melody?

Zoo Ghost Picture  
Bad monkey, where did
that child come from?  

Levens Hall Ghost Photo
Spot the face in the window
if you can...

My Son's Ghost Picture
Is this breath or did she
capture a ghost?

Backyard Party Ghost Pic
Who was visiting with them
in the unseen realm?
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