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Joelle sent us this great ghost picture of ectoplasm mist around her son.  She thinks it may be her
husband's father who is with them and was acutely aware of his coming grandson

"I was taking pictures at my son's first birthday party and we have a strong feeling someone was there. Now
mind you
, NO ONE was smoking anywhere near him.  I do not allow it...not even outside.  I don't want any
smoke near him.
 I took frame by frame pictures this day, and this one in particular gave me goose bumps
when I view it.
 Can you tell me if this is a ghost?  Like we think it's the spirit of my husband's father.  He
sed away two years ago, a month before I learned I was pregnant with this baby.  And to be more in
depth, my husband's father talked to him before he pas
sed away.  Told him he should try to have another
, and it will be a boy to carry on the family name.  Only problem was, I was told I can no longer have
children due to the numerous surgeries I've had in the past.
 So after he passed away, I got sick and it
lasted a month.
 I went to the doctor and she told me I was pregnant.  After three months we learned it was
a boy
, and he's very healthy.  So needless to say, we believe in miracles.  Then this picture happened and
like I said, it gave me goose bumps. Can it be possible that my husband
's father joined us in celebrating
our son's first birthday?
 Look at his face.  He's watching whatever it is."
husband's father ghost picture
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