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These spirit & ghost
stories were received by

Angels & Ghosts
Enjoy ghost stories sent to us for this
month.  These are real ghost stories as
experienced and mailed to us by our
Ghost Story of the Month for
August 2007:   
The Martinez Haunted Home
Real Ghost Stories

Martinez Ghost Story
Paul Dale Roberts goes
deep into this haunting and
its history...

Marysville Ghost Story   
Another ghost investigation
story from Paul Dale
Roberts and HPI.

Ghost Boy Story
Short ghost story about a
little one who followed her
home from guess where?

Duplex Ghost Story
Ghost story about a girl
apparition that haunts this
home by the beach.

Nick's Ghost Stories
Two short stories about the
Real Ghost Stories

Vermont Ghost Story
Mom receives confirmation
that her ghostly
experiences were true.

Ghost Attack Story   
Her arm was tore out of its
socket in this scary but
true ghost story.

Awakening Ghost Story
What would you do if you
were woken up in the
middle of the night?

Grandfather Ghost Story
Story about ghost activity
occurring right after his
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