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By Chris

My husband and I have lived in our home approximately five years, and are very
happy here.
Earlier this year something happened that really
shook my husband up
.  In fact, he did not share it
ith me until some time after the "happening."
We were both asleep in our bed.
 It was about
:00 am, when my husband was awakened by
someone tapping on his shoulder.
 He said at
first he thought it was me, yet I was sound asleep.
He then noticed in the upper corner of our
bedroom, a visual of a man and a woman.
only saw their faces, but did not recognize them
as to who they were.
My husband also says it was so strange, he even rubbed his eyes to make sure of
what he was seeing.
 What he saw, eventually just seemed to fade away.  The
experience kept him awake the rest of the night.
This is a true story.  I have since found out that the couple that
lived here before us, both passed away in the house, both at
different times, about f
our years apart.

Something like this, has never happened to either one of us
before, nor has there been a re-occurrence. Strange indeed.
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