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By Nick D'Arrigo, 13 years old

This true story took place in the year 2000.  My first and only encounter with ghosts.
I remember this true story clearly.  When I was
five, my aunt died.  My family and I were
living in Rutherford at the time.
 One morning, I
was awaken
ed by the sound of something
creaking around 2
:45 am.  I opened my eyes and
looked at my mom's dresser, and there I saw her
prized doll moving.
 I was in disbelief.  I thought to
myself I must be dreaming, so I went back to bed.
I heard the same sound as soon as I closed my
eyes, and re
alized it was no dream.  And then I
saw some weird red devil-like glow surrounding
the doll and coming from outside the window.
I saw my rocking chair rocking...moving back and forth.  In the
chair looked to b
e an old man.  My father told me that an old
man lived in the house, and was murdered in the attic in the year
 Then I saw right next him, my recently fallen aunt.  The day
before all this weird phenomenon happened
, the fan hanging
from the ceiling just
shut off.  The power was on, and the switch
was on.
 Was it connected somehow to the old man?

Before I got on the bus for school, I saw a child staring at me
through the window.  He had, what looked to me, a knife in his
hand pointing straight at me.  When I arrived at school, I again
saw something weird.  The Principal's chair was rocking in his
My next story actually happened yesterday, July 25, 2007, around 9:00 pm, after
Tae Kwon Do pra

I just exited the dojo (I was the first to leave), while my mom was still in there talking
to Valentina (my friend's dad
).  I looked across the street to an old parking spot
that is roughly secured by a fence
, when I noticed a figure of a boy, and what may
have been
his sister.  The boy looked to be eleven years old, blond hair, hazel
eyes, and was wearing a white shirt and short jeans.
 The sister looked about
thirteen, having
brown hair, hazel eyes, and wearing a white gown with a pink skirt.  

oth were staring at me, since I was the only one outside at the time.  I turned my
head for
five seconds, looked back and noticed they were now in the street.  I
looked away for another
five seconds, and they were now both beside me.  I didn't
bother to tell my mom, because she wouldn't believe me anyway.

Around 4:40 this morning, I went upstairs to play some games, when I noticed they
were both up there waiting for me.
 They told me they followed me here, and the
reason for it is
was because they have no one to play with other than each other.  I
, "What do you want to do?" and they the just vanished.

I swear the things ghost children do a
re just weird.  Wouldn't you say?
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