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These spirit & ghost
stories were received by

Angels & Ghosts
Enjoy ghost stories sent to us for this
month.  These are real ghost stories as
experienced and mailed to us by our
Ghost Story of the Month for
November 2006:  
Ghostly Experiences
Real Ghost Stories

David's Ghost Story
Ghost stories from his
travels to and fro.  The
ghosts seem to follow him.

I Have Ghosts Story  
As of this writing, Dana is
experiencing ghosts in her

Haunted Two Story House
They lived in haunted home
and has the ghost story to
tell about it.

George Ghost Story
Travis and his entire family
know this boy ghost and
accept him...

Katie's Visitations
Amazing ghost experiences
in this house that Katie has
lived in...

Rest Home Ghost Story
Short tale of a spooky old
freaked them out!
Real Ghost Stories

Christian's Ghost Story  
Ghost stories from a
young man in Vermont.  
Can he perceive spirits?

The Old Couple  
Victoria and her family
had quite an experience
in this old house.

The Watchful Ghost
Story that ghosts seem to
follow this family around
wherever they move to.

Ghostly Experiences
Stories from Malcolm
Robinson of Strange
Phenomena Investigations.

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