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by David M.
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It happened about twenty years ago. I was out digging for worms for fishing when I came
across a river bank.  On it were skulls of animals and otter bones.  After digging for worms I
brought the bones home.  When I got home I showed them to the family.  The teeth were
sticking forwards.  I checked around and nobody knew about hem.  I then left them in the coal
shed, and soon after I heard footsteps around my bedroom.  I had children in bed and I thought
it was them.  I ran up the stairs to check, but the children were sleeping.  This continued on for
about six years.  I know someone was watching me every night.  This was an evil ghost,
because one night when I was in bed I felt someone grabbing my throat; whatever it was,
grabbed me off my bed and I couldn't move.  After a minute it let go.  The noises of footsteps
continued night after night.   In the space of six years, I lived in a house in Gogarty Close.  
There were four deaths in my street.  The first was when I was away playing bowls. I came back
and there was a fire in a house across the street.  There were children trapped in a bedroom. I
looked around and I saw some men looking for a ladder.  Then I said I would go up to get the
children.  Then I ran into the house and grabbed the mother's cardigan and soaked it under the
tap.  I then ran up stairs into the room that was in flames, the poor child was crying and full of
burns.  I grabbed her and put her under my arm covered
with the cardigan and took here down stairs out to the front garden.  I gave her to somebody
and returned to the house to check for the rest of the children; I looked all around the rooms and
nobody was there.  I then went down stairs and went outside.  The child that I rescued was
taken to hospital with serious burns.  She then died about six months later.  It was sad. There
was another death - a man who was tyring to get his petrol lawnmower to work, the lawnmower
exploded and the poor man died.  Then there was the boy who was sniffing solvents, he also
died.  The last young fellow died as a goal post fell on top of him and killed him.  They say that
there was a man called Gogarty who was hung about a hundred years
ago.  They also say that there was a ring fort, the place was named Gogarty Close and it took
me six years to get out of that place.

After Gogarty Close, I got a house in the Brandywell.  I thought I was going to get a bit of peace
in this new house but it was worse.  The ghost that was in my old house was now in my new
house as well, along with a couple of friends.  There was an old man, and old woman and a
young woman.  When I was in my bed one night, I was grabbed by the same ghost that had
grabbed me before.  It was the old man.  I couldn't move, it was as
if I was paralysed.  One day my daughter's boyfriend was getting up for work at around 7:30am.
 As he went to the bathroom, he saw an old woman outside my bedroom.  He then rushed into
the bathroom - he was so scared that he stayed in the bathroom for a half hour. When he did
decide to come, out she was gone.  Later that day he told me all about it.  There were at least
three ghosts in that house.

There was always a ghost beside my bed.  I couldn't sleep for days, my health was getting
worse and I was totally wrecked.  One day my heart was beating too fast and I was rushed into
a hospital for a checkup.  When I got home, I was told to rest for about two days.  When I
got home the ghosts were still there.  As time went by, I started to calm down; I became used to
the ghosts around my bedroom.  One night I was lying in my bed, when the young woman ghost
started to float around.  Suddenly, she grabbed my two hands and said,  'Help
me,' then she disappeared.  I told my wife about it and she said, 'What does she look like?'  I
then told her what she looked liked and she started to get scared.  That Thursday, my family
and I went up to the caravan in Donegal for the weekend.  I now know she was a good
ghost, because she didn't keep annoying me.  After that, I said a few prayers to help her.  I still
knew that there were still some ghosts in my bedroom.

A few weeks later, my family and I went with our neighbour to a house in Donegal.  The ghost
still followed me there as well.  I know when they were there because I could feel their
presence.  That Thursday night I went to my bed, but as I tried to sleep someone kept saying to
me to lie beside the fire.  The voice got louder and louder and I said, 'No;' then the
bedroom door shot open.  The noise of the door opening so fast woke my children out of their
sleep.  I told them it was the wind.  Later that day I told my neighbours what happened - they
believed me because they had heard footsteps in the middle of the night.  I slept beside the
fire, because I thought the ghost was trying to tell me something.  After the week was up, we
returned home and the ghosts were still following me.

The next year my family and I went abroad to Spain, as we had never been away.  As we were
in the airport going through the scanners, they went off.  At that time, my son was going through
the scanner - he had nothing on him metal when he was checked.  I then knew
that the ghosts must have passed through him to get through the scanner secretly.  When we
arrived in Spain and were getting transported to our apartment by bus, I felt the presence of a
ghost.  Every night I went to bed the ghost was beside me.  I heard the same noises and now
know that the ghost liked to play tricks on you.  Two weeks later when we were going home, the
ghosts were still there.

On the fourteenth of April 2003, I then got a house on Bishop Street, but the ghost came there,
too.  So now I have a new ghost following me, it is a woman in her thirties.  She has appeared
beside my bed and one night she was on top of the wardrobe.  She is a friendly
ghost and as I am writing this story I can feel her presence.  One night, two ghosts came and
grabbed my hands and disappeared so quickly again.  One other night, I was in the house on
my own.  I sat down to watch the show 'Most Haunted,' and as I was sitting on the chair beside
the window, (it was about 11:00pm) there was a terrible presence of about 10 or 11 ghosts on
my body.  I could feel the pressure on my head, shoulders and knees.  I was terrified and never
felt like this before.  I then went to bed, but was so scared I couldn't sleep.  That night was the
worst night of my life.  I have been saying a few prayers every night since that night.  They want
me to pray for them.

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