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by Travis Hartman
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Our family has a ghost in our grandmother’s current house.  She has been living in this house
for forty years and experienced George (as we named him) the first year.  I personally have not
seen him yet, but I have been told many stories about him and he has woken me up in the
middle of the night.  He is a child and for whatever reason, he doesn’t try to scare us.  

George pulls pranks.  He turns fans and lights on while people are sleeping and when asked to
stop he will stop for a while.  He has visited my brother more than anyone.  The first time he
visited my brother was when my brother was eight.  He turned the fan on and pointed it toward
my brother (I should mention that my brother is 30 now, so I wasn’t even born yet).  It was in the
middle of winter and between the cold weather, the house's poor insulation, the fan, and the
chill you get when there is an entity present, my brother could see his breath. After he got up to
turn the fan off, he turned around and there stood a figure that he could see, even though it was
almost pitch black - about six inches from him.

Most of our family had lived in that house and experienced George and has grown to accept
him. You could even say my brother is friends with him.

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