3 Unusual Ghost Stories

by Angel Adame
Story 1                        
One time when my mom told me to get clothes, I saw a foggy gas. Then I stepped closer...I was cold, like if I was in a freezer. After I closed the closet, something made my heart beat faster as it passed my back. I closed the closet, and I opened it. It was the normal temperature. I sat and thought.
Story 2
When I was sitting in the restroom, I saw something like a curled mustache in front of my face. I put my arm where I saw it, and it was cold. I put my arm where I did not see it, and it was warm. I put my arm where I saw it, and it was cold again!! I got out and told my mom and she said in Spanish, "Fine, then."
Story 3
I was in this website reading stories...then there was something blurry. It got cold and I was scared. I asked my cousin and my brother, "Isn't it cold?" They said, "No. But, it is getting cold."