Haunted Beck House Story

The 'Beck House,' a Kentucky two-story home, holds some murderous history. Now it's said to be haunted by ghosts.

They call this (see the photo) the local "Beck House." Previously owned by a Mr. and Mrs. Beck, there have been many negative things happen here inside the home. It's located on the old Beck Farm in Eddyville, Kentucky. It has a very spooky history of crime and apparitions.

I lived across the field from the house as a young boy, and I've seen the man that lived there, in the windows on a full moon night when the moon's light beams into its windows. Now the house is off limits to anyone of the public. 

Mr. Beck, the home owner, died In this house, and that's not even half the history behind the haunt. There are rumors of a family with three kids being beaten and possibly dissappearing at this location. The father of the children killed them and his wife in the second floor of the house, and locals believe they never left.

Story from Shawn Hearod