Two Short Ghost Tales

by Katie Marlow

This I heard from my mum. She use to work at an old hospital, and there was a porter who would tell the nurses off for eating on duty. Then one day he had a heart attack and died. She was reversing out of one of the rooms with a trolley full of biscuit tins (because she was sorting them out), when she felt a sharp tap on her shoulder, and looked around to see that no one was there. She had been in a long corridor and none of the doors were open (most had been locked). Some other nurses had seen a woman, all dressed in white walk around the dorms in the lower ward. What do you think?

I was in my bedroom after just turning my phone and my light off. I laid down in bed and started to drift off to sleep. After a while, I began to dream about a young girl crying at the end of my bed. She screamed suddenly and I woke with a start. As my eyes began to focus, I saw a vividly realistic, young girl. The same as the one in my dream. I switched my light on; saw it ,and then it disappeared...