Little Girl's Voice Ghost Story

by Siany & Simon
One day I heard a little girl's voice in my kitchen. This house that I'm living in is very old. I do not know the history of this house.  
At first, I thought I was just going crazy. Then after a while, I had my sister move in and two of my friends. One day I heard my sister scream. I went out and said, "What's wrong?" She then explained that she was being stupid, and she had heard a little girl's voice. She had had a cold chill, and she felt something touch her on the arm.
My other friends had told me that this house was haunted, as they had been through stuff, as well. She explained to me that her fan kept making funny noises and that the switch on the fan kept turning up levels. My other friend was talking to himself thinking it was one of us.
There has been more stuff happening since then, but it doesn't happen just like that; it happens when you least expect it. My mum even freaked out once, when she heard a little girl calling her name. Is this for real, or are we just crazy?