Sightings Ghost Story

by Karin

A few years ago my son-in-law and his brother, who are in the concrete business, were pouring a foundation for a man. While they were working, David (my son-in-law's brother) saw an old man standing near him. He later described the man and found out that he was a man (deceased) that had lived at that house-site many years ago. The owner of the house stated that he had also seen him many times. At one point in time, the owner of the house was walking to the nearby creek when someone pushed him down and away from a dangerous snake. The ghost of the old man saved him from being bitten by the snake!

I believe in ghosts! My mother saw the ghost of her mother a floating few feet off the floor. She spoke to my mother saying that where she was she didn't have to scrub floors anymore. Also, when my mother was working (teaching school), her mother would wake her up with a shout only if my mother overslept and would be late for work. When my mother retired, she never heard her mother's voice again.