Mum's Ghost Story

by Kristen from Indiana
When my mum was a kid, she lived in some weird places...but in my opinion, this was the worst and scariest.
When she was a kid, she had to baby-sit her younger family, a lot. One day her aunt and her mum were out at a friend's house. It was late, and she had to baby-sit her baby cousin. About an hour after they left, mum and her cousin heard footsteps coming from upstairs. My mum went up to see what it was. Nothing was there. She went down and put her little cousin in his jacket. They heard it again, and decided to try to block it out. The fourth time they heard it, my mum took her cousin to the kitchen. On the way there, they passed the fireplace. My mum looked over at it and it lit up. She looked at about three candles, and they all caught fire, also. She took her little cousin and went to a neighbor's house, and called their parents. Nothing happened beyond that point unless she was baby-sitting.
I told the story exactly how my mum told me the first time and I'm passing it down.