Late Father's Ghost Presence

Ghost story about a late father making his presence known to his son over the years...

from David J. Liverpool, Sydney, Australia

We have had many things happen here over the years, especially upstairs, where my father died in 1974.

In December of 2000, My first child Chelsea was born. When she came home from the hospital, our back, screen door constantly opened and closed for two weeks. Finally, when I saw the handle move, I freaked out telling my dad, "If you can't knock first, piss off!" meaning to go away. Mum said he must have taken it to heart and it never happened again.

My father came to see his first grandchild. He still comes and goes with his antics as I know it's him. But, this time I am puzzled: the orb went from the box of ashes to my chest then, up to the ceiling (which is the floor for upstairs where he died). When mum was in the hospital for two weeks, the place was empty; yet I constantly heard banging and moving about. I would go up there and tell him where she was, and the noise stopped for months.

Orb photo in front of the dog's ashes...Photo: (Recently) my daughter was playing with her camera and found an orb image on the ashes of my pet dog, Patch. 

I know he is here as I feel him. One day at the sink, I had this cold chill and gasped for breath. The only thought that kept repeating was "one week," over and over. Four days later, mum nearly died with an extremely high blood sugar level. While in the hospital, the noises upstairs began as I had explained.

As a young boy at the dining table (after my dad has passed), my butter knife went missing. As I stood up to get another one, it was perfectly placed, horizontally, in the curtains directly behind my head. Also I was awakened to see my wardrobe door open -- this happening the same year. I was never scared, just alarmed as I always knew it was my dad.