The Floating Picture Frame

by Trail of Tears

Once, an electrician and his partner went into an old dark house to fix the electricity. They split up, and the electrician went upstairs.

He saw a painting of a man in a picture frame at the end of a long, dark hall way. He turned his back to work on an outlet, but as soon as he looked back, he saw the painting float off the wall toward him. He was very afraid and did not know what to do or say.

The electrician dropped his flashlight and tools then began to move slowly back, still staring at the painting looking back at him. Quickly the painting threw itself at him and the frame hit him in the head. He fell and knocked the back of his head on the first step of the stairs.

The next morning he woke up in a hospital.

His partner had found him passed out and rescued him. He had a huge bump on the back of his head and a welt on his forehead. He told both the partner and the doctor what he saw, but they did not believe him. They told him he must have tripped in the dark and was hallucinating because his partner did not see any painting.

But that did not explain the welt on the electrician's forehead. His partner figured that he must have placed one of his tools on the edge of something, then it fell on him.

As soon as he got better, the electrician decided to do some research about the house. He found out that the man in the painting was a real person. He was the original owner of the house who had been shot outside then died in the upstairs hallway.

The electrician never talked about the incident again but was traumatized ever since.