Two Ghosts

by Cynthia M. Hand
I am eleven years old, and if you don't have time to read this, I understand. But just to inform you, sometimes you don't need signs or machines or even tiny little dots that float in the air to see that ghosts and angels exist. In fact I am eleven, and I see two ghosts. Their names are Henry and LeRoy James Wright, Sr ("Bedo").
I have seen them face to face. Henry is the ghost that lived in my mom's old house. The reason he haunts that house is because he died under the house. LeRoy was my great grandfather.  
I heard of Henry when I was ten, and my mom lived in a brick house. Well my mom was making cake and  apparently Henry didn't like chocolate cake. So, he picked it up and threw it across the room. My sister and I had seen the cake hover one foot off the counter for about 30 seconds; and then it went flying. The second time we encountered him was the next day. My step dad was cooking breakfast, and all of a sudden the power flashed; and as soon as the power came back on, these beautiful china glasses went flying onto the floor. That was the last time I saw or heard of Henry.

The first time I saw Leroy was about a year ago. I was watching cartoons, and I looked at the bedroom door and saw this person. I'm sure it was Papa (my grandpa), but I looked back at the TV, and looked back at the door, and the form was gone in about five seconds.